16 Bits of Memory

This prototype memory unit consists of 16, 1-bit registers arranged such that we have 4 memory locations, each 4 bits long. The unit is addressable using 4 decoders, which make up the top of the structure. The decoders are set using 3-bit; 2 for the address and one to determine reading or writing.
After developing the unit, we actually decided to scrap this format for a number of reasons. The first is that we want something more vertical, so we can put it directly on top of the adder-subtracter. The other reason is that the decoders were difficult to set using balls.

We have already developed the new memory and are in the process of making all 16 bits.


Grant Hutchins said...

That's perhaps the best desktop background ever. Simply beautiful.

Matt Donahoe said...

Olek took these photos. He set up a whole photo studio.